American Vintage

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The beautiful jersey knitwear basics from American Vintage.

The American Vintage brand was founded in 2003 by Mickaël Azoulay. He started with a collection of jersey and knitwear basics. The clothing from is fantastic to combine with the rest in your wardrobe and has a high wearing comfort. American Vintage is feminine, cool, basic, but still unique.

American Vintage uses pure materials.

Why does the American Vintage brand fit in so well with Schwung Amsterdam's unique choice of brands? Precisely because it is a French brand that focuses on designing pure styles and uses irresistible new materials. The inspiration comes from the street and we at Schwung Amsterdam like that. American Vintage prefers natural fabrics. The use of color is stubborn and the designs are always slightly different.

The American Vintage collection consists of sturdy cardigans and sweaters, elegant dresses and blouses, basic t-shirts and vests, all with an elegant sturdy Schwung and unique color and use of fabrics.