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The independent streetwear- fashion brand Wemoto

Wemoto is a German brand, founded by a group of united philosophical young people w
ho stand for creativity, innovation and positivity. Their vision is to keep everything
as close to itself as possible. Wemoto's new idiosyncratic designs, their own use of
color and the prints, often made by artists or by themselves, are their trademark.
They call themselves an independent European streetwear clothing brand. Season after
season, they show that creativity is limitless. Every season there is a collection from
Wemoto that surpasses itself, in terms of design, use of color and choice of fabric.
The choice of fabric is progressive, the colors unexpected and the design überhip. Sustainability and Wemoto Wemoto, like most German labels, tries to be as sustainable as possible. The Wemoto men's and women's collection consists of a number of basic items of great
fabric quality with just that little bit of their own. We at Schwung Amsterdam consider Wemoto an enrichment of our range. The idiosyncrasy,
vision and creativity of Wemoto's designs fit within the idiosyncratic concept of Schwung