Coats & jackets

Coats & jackets for men

At Schwung Amsterdam you will find a lovingly sorted range of clothing. Coats & Jackets for men is one of those items that you can find in our range. All coats & jackets for men that we purchase must meet conditions that we consider important at Schwung Amsterdam. Comfort, fit, durability, fine fabrics, where is the product made, all criteria that coats & jackets for men must meet. Coats & Jackets for men can be found from brands like Levi's, Edwin, Carhartt, Wemoto and Fred Perry.

Durability and portability are very important to us. If the garment is comfortable, you can wear it with pleasure and it will not remain in the closet. That's why the street influences are so important. Streetwear often shows comfort and wearability. It is also important that the article adds something to your personality. You buy it, you combine it so it's you. We at Schwung Amsterdam pay attention to this when purchasing. No longer the throwaway culture where clothing is thrown away. Beautiful basic items that last more than one season and this from brands with a good story, such as Carhartt, Levi's, Edwin, Wemoto, Fred Perry. All this can be found in the shop and webshop of Schwung Amsterdam.